26 July 2010


After much thought and consideration, I've decided to put this blog on hiatus. As of late I've become busy with life to write about the complex things I have written about here, not to mention that it began to bore me. As I'm sure you can tell, at one point I just began posting links to previous article son other sites, not really generated my own content. So I've been seeking other avenues, including a photo blog as well as a brand new project. I have changed geared almost entirely, making a dating advice column. I've been told I have a knack for giving advice so I decided to give it a shot and so far it's been very fulfilling and downright fun and I hope it will continue to be so. The blog is called Kiss & Ride.

Micahceous as a blog will still remain open. I may become inspired and return. But as of now my focus has shifted to Kiss & Ride. Please update your RSS feeds and subscriptions accordingly and I hope you enjoy entering the next saga of the blogosphere. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the ride. Kiss Micahceous 1.0 away. Welcome to the future.

14 July 2010

5 Simple Rules for Dating

1. Observe your partner's dating patterns. If he or she tends to date idiots and you have a Ph.D, it probably won't last.
2. If it's only been three weeks and you're already posting photos of you and your boo as your main profile pic, it won't last much longer.
3. Listen to your friends. If they all say he/she is a dog, it's probably true.
4. Aaliyah said age ain't nothing but a number. Rest in peace, but she was 14 singing that. She didn't know any better. If there is a gap of a generation between you and your significant other and you're under 35, rethink things. We aren't living in a Mormon convent.
5. If you're intimidated by success, you will date jackasses.

19 April 2010

What's your objective?

Greetings true believers. I know it's been a while. I kind of ran out of things to say, but I have something for you to ponder. As we are in the mess of a recession, most of us are looking for jobs left and right. The resume has become my life. I'm forever looking at my own and figuring ways to tweak it and making multiple copies with different letter designating the differences. I haven't used an objective pretty much ever since I began my career search but there are those that swear by them. Are objectives worth using?

I know some would think it's very handy, especially when a hiring manager is scanning your resume for that ten seconds. Without an objective, a resume may seem aimless. "What are you applying to?" My thought is that this resume was being sent for X job. You should know what I'm applying for and see how my experience shows I would be a good fit. But still, an objective would silence this little squabble.

For me, it's always been about the cover letter. Before I continue, let me share that I am not a fan of cover letters. I think they're a waste of time. Generally speaking, you can tell from my resume if you want to continue the application process with me. A cover letter won't wow a hiring manager further, if they even read it at all. But in many of the jobs I've applied to, it was necessary to include a cover letter. And in that case, the objective was shifted to that space. Would I benefit from having the objective in my resume, particularly when cover letters aren't needed. But this of course could push my resume to two pages, yet another thing I learned, especially for someone my age.

The other thing with objectives is making it too narrow or too broad or self-serving. There's such a fine line to be walked that if you're slightly out of bounds your resume goes in the trash bin. But it's a useful tool for employers who scan resumes in seconds either by hand or by machine. But if you can find that sweet nugget, then you may hit gold. Maybe my problem is I haven't hit gold, not to mention that I almost always write cover letters.

Maybe one day I'll add an objective to my resume but I think today I'll pass. But what do you use? Objective or no objective? That is the million dollar question.

10 March 2010

RIP Corey

RIP Corey Haim.

Did anyone else think that Feldman would have been the first to go?

05 March 2010

To Freddie from Sean Cody

I posted this ad on craigslist in Missed Connections on Valentine's Day. I only got one response from a guy saying I needed to get help.

To Freddie from Sean Cody - 24 (Amsterdam on Central Ave.)

Hey Freddie,
I know you wanted to act like it wasn't you on Friday night at Amsterdam, but dude we all know it was you. Yes, I've watched videos of you being fucked on cam. There's no denying it was you so I don't see why you had to be the asshole you were and act like it wasn't you. If you were any bit of a man, you would acknowledged your past instead of running away from it. You made seven, yes SEVEN videos. That's not some teenage mistake that you try to forget; you were balls deep in gay porn, or rather it was balls deep in you. If you were any bit of a man, you would've acknowledged it was you and moved on. I wasn't trying to sleep with you (you're cute but you're not THAT cute, plus I don't know where that hole's been) but I did want to affirm it was you. And of course, based on all of your reactions to me, it only proved it was in fact you. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. You've tainted my idea of who you are but hey, at least I don't have my ass plastered all over the internet for millenia to come. Furthermore, no one deserves to be treated the way you treated me. It's just not cool to be that unfriendly. You may think you're hot shit but dude, it's not that serious so calm down and take a seat off your high horse.

Oh and your little lackey of a friend pushed me. If you feel you need him to protect you from your "fans" then I surely feel sorry for you.

Oh and a request to everyone in Phoenix. If you see this guy, tell him you love watching videos of him being fucked! Again, he has 7 (including an extra behind the scenes) so obviously he can't be that ashamed of his work! Flock to the streets, go to his job. Just let him know his work really is everywhere.

Here's a link to the craigslist ad: To Freddie from Sean Cody but it should expire soon.There's an image included that's NSFW.

23 December 2009

That Gun Owner near Obama obviously wasn’t a terrorist!

Back in September, Joshua Bowman was arrested by the White House at a checkpoint when he was trying to park. The officers found a Beretta 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, a .22 caliber long rifle, and over 400 rounds of ammunition in Bowman's trunk. Bowman, who had went on a hunting trip the day prior and forgot about the guns (so he says), was arrested. You can read the entire article here, courtesy of Mother Jones. But one thing in particular stood out to me. His lawyer, George Braun, had this to say:

<blockquote>"They were making him sound like a terrorist," Braun said. "Does [Bowman] look like a terrorist? He has the élan to walk around with a bowtie."</blockquote>

So what does a terrorist look like then? Someone besides a brown person can be a terrorist? Heaven forbid! It’s very upsetting but it’s the reality we live in. A terrorist, despite the Timothy McVeighs and KKK of our country, still means person of color.

18 December 2009

Why Lady Gaga and I may not be friends

We all know who Lady Gaga is. She’s a talented young woman without a lot to offer. And she’s well known for her rather eccentric style. And while I welcome her music, I asked myself whether or not I would get along with her.  And upon thinking about it, I don’t think Lady Gaga and I would be friends. It’s not because she’s eccentric. It’s not that I’m jealous of her talent. It’s more about the company she keeps and how that’s a reflection of the kind of person she is. Gaga is the best friend (or bestie) of Perez Hilton. On the surface this may seem like nothing, but Perez is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box. Furthermore, he’s a certain kind of gay male.  He’s the type that many in the LGBT community in fact scorn: a stereotype that many are trying to forget, the type that is catty and attempts to bring drama in order to inflate his own ego and bring others down. The type that thinks he’s better than anyone else and wants to be fabulous (okay, so many that’s not a trait other gay men scorn). But it’s this kind of gay that I don’t like to associate with, as it usually just means problems. And those of us in the LGBT community know what kind of fag hags (in this case Lady Gaga) hang and attract that sort of gay. This fag hag is a specific type, a fake type to match her gay male counterpart. So given that I don’t like Perez Hilton, I wouldn’t like those who he associates with closely, including Lady Gaga.

Now I could be wrong and maybe she isn’t like that. Maybe she wears a po-po-po—poker face around him. But from my observations, she’s not my cup of tea.

24 November 2009

German Chauvinism Or National Statesmanship?

So I have this theory. Germans have been at the center of multiple conflicts in the world. Two of the most notable were during WWI under Kaiser Wilhelm and then again in WWII under Hitler. That this event happened so close together in time really raised an important question. Was Hitler just crazy or was he a normal German statesman, following a preconceived notion of what it means to be German and expanding it borders and preserving the idea of Germany, both physically and in the imaginations of the world? While we now consider it to be former, what if German culture naturally cultivated this idea of statesmanship in terms of expansion and taking over anyone that gets in the way?

Can this be applied to America as well? After all, a large portion of early European settlers were of Germanic descent and this is still heavily reflected today. Can the racism and Manifest Destiny seen in our own country be in fact a result of this notion of being German? The actions committed by whites in this country against people of color has been quite horrific. And while actions against other groups isn't solely a white issue, given the commonality in ethnic groups, can the ways that actions in the US and Europe and their similarities come in account due to ethnic and cultural similarities?

This is a theory I'm beginning to explore and I hope to write more about it in the future.

My Take on Adam at the AMA's

So I feel I gotta add my two cents about Adam lambert's performance on the AMA's on Sunday.

The performance was a mess. It wasn't because of the over-the-top nature of it. I could care less about S&M themes or the boy kissing. The problem was that the performance just wasn't GOOD. It seemed half-assed and completely out of place. He was trying to push the envelope but he should've focused more on his singing. or better yet, choosing to sing a song that's more memorable and doesn't suck as much.

And furthermore, Adam is not Britney Spears or Madonna or Christina Aguilera. These singers all have quite a bit more street cred than you, Adam. They din't come out of the box making out with each other.

So Adam, work on your craft. It's fine to push the envelope, but be good at it. You're not Madonna. You're not David Bowie. You're not Lady Gaga. Do you.

20 November 2009

Gays in Latin America: Is the Closet Half Empty?

Gays in Latin America: Is the Closet Half Empty?

This article from Foreign Policy talks about the opening of Latin American countries to lgbt awareness and rights. Though we're so quick to talk about religion being the reason why some countries haven't embraced the rights of the lgbtq community and those struggles still exist, the situaton in Latin America is quite different. It's actually the politics of the country, with alot of these countries having authoritarian regimes and leftist policies which do not promote globalization, something that other lgbtq movements have embraced. But I also wonder what we, as Americans, can learn from these movements south of the border. This part especially stood out to me.

"Instead, Latin American LGBT movements have overcome their political handicaps by adopting smart tactics. Rather than turning radical and desperate, they have forged pragmatic alliances with larger, more-influential social movements. In Ecuador, for instance, they relied on the much stronger feminist movement to influence constitutional change. Likewise in Brazil, alliances with government officials proved vital to health campaigns. Movements in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru worked with local businesses to develop gay markets."

Maybe if the lgbtq movement in the US wasn't so into themselves and worked more outwardly, we could see more results. I think it's a lesson we could take from our southern counterparts.

13 November 2009

Why Levi Johnston's Bad for America

Here's a lesson I've learned from all the media attention on Levi Johnston:

Get a celebrity or a politician's daughter pregnant. Or at least have some sort of sexual controversy and be a poor model to everyone and misrepresent yourself and be completely shameless. After all, you'll be all over the media, potentially even end up on The Celebrity Apprentice. That's something to strive for right, America? Who cares about self-respect, honor, or brains?

Happy Birthday on The View

Happy birthday Whoopi Goldberg! Toda on The View they gave quite a few goodies away to the entire audience.

Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet $59.99
Stephen King's Under the Dome- $35
Winter's Tail book and Nintendo DS game- 16.99/ 29.99
Bissell Multicyclonic Vacuum $179
Samsung SMX-C10 Camcorder $199.99
Toshiba mini NB205- $399.99
RCA 40" 1080p HD LCD- $568

A grand total of $1287.97. I have to go on The View for a birthday show.

EDIT: The audience also received a copy of Duff Goldman (of ace of cakes) new cookbook. So the total's probably closer to $1310.

05 November 2009

iPhone, therefore I am

Retrovo recently conducted a "gadgetology" study (whatever that is) on iPhone users. Methodology aside, I think it may be hard to argue how true or close how close to home some of these things may be. Sure, I'm not an iPhone user but my goodness. Here's a few findings of the study.

  • One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up.
  • One in three iPhone owners say that, if their partner had out-of-date gadgets, it would be a turnoff.
And this one's my personal favorite:
  • Compared with other cell phone users, iPhone owners are more likely to see themselves as media buffs, extroverts, and intellectuals.
You can read the rest of the results at Retrovo.

28 October 2009

Mac Crashing

I don't mean to sound like a mac basher but riddle me this:

Why is it that if a PC crashes people are more likely to switch to Mac, but if the Mac crashes people generally continue to use Mac. Furthermore, is it just me but when Macs crash, the owners tend to lose every little piece of data the computer had? I don't know about you, but in my years of using a PC, though I've had crashes I've never lost all my data. I'm sure it does happen, but I haven't heard of it too often. In the event of folks Ive heard switching from pc to mac, it's usually because it's "crappy" or it does indeed crash. Not in the complete meltdown crash but more of the "I can't run Word and internet at the same time" kind of crash. Not to say that all Macs crash, but I've heard enough testimony of friends (as well as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City) having their macs crash and taking all of their data with them. Can you relate?

I'm a PC I'm a Mac ad spinning

I'm not a fan of the latest Mac vs. PC ad with Windows 7. Normally I don't care for these ads and just kind of laugh them off, but I think this ad actually does Mac a bit of disservice.

While the Windows guy changes with the times, the Apple guy stays essentially in the same style the entire time. What does that say to me? That the Apple computer is stagnant and hasn't changed with the times. Which we all know isn't true. Apple got to OS X because there was an OS 9, 8, 7, etc. So I think that also ignores Apple's history and any problems they had with their OSes (coughSnow Leopard compatibility issuescough) but I guess that's the point of advertising, to put spin on products.

I doubt these types of ads sway people one way or another:they aren't necessarily informative but just done to bring attention to products or fan the flames of fanboy/fangirl/fanpersonness.

15 October 2009

Plant Siblings Play Nice

Did you know plants have a concept of siblings? According to a study done by University of Delaware scientists on 3000 mustard seed plants, plants that sensed their siblings developed a shallower root system and more intertwined leaves. You can read more on the study here on wired.com.

The work will be published in an upcoming issue of Communicative and Integrative Biology.

08 October 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

I'm excited! Are you?

What's been added?

Lots of features! Not only are Dee Jay and T-Hawk in the game, but a new South Korean character named Juri (a first in the series) is also in the game. Here's a list of rumored add-ons from shoryuken.com.

    • Also included are Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Adon, Cody and Guy. Another new character is Hakan,an Arabic grappler obsessed with oil.
    • All characters will have two Ultras. They will both be available at one time, not selectable like with Third Strike's Super Arts. The commands to execute your Ultras do not overlap.
    • It sounds like the characters from Third Strike are set up with their prior Super Arts. They had three in that game, so one will be their Super and the other two their Ultras.
    • Gen has four Ultras because of his two fighting styles. One of these is said to be an Air Ultra.
    • All characters still have one Super, except Sakura who apparently has a Shinkuu Hadouken as well.
    • Some characters will have Air Ultras.
    • The Bonus Stages will be returning.
    • Expect the return of the many familiar Supers, and a few new ones like Metsu Shoryuken. You'll see the return of Chun-Li's Kikousho, Gouken's Denjin, Sagat's Tiger Cannon.
    • Ibuki has a run command.
    • Guile has his Sonic Hurricane move from Marvel vs. Capcom 2/Street Fighter Alpha 3.
    • Dudley has his Chain combos from Third Strike, plus one additional Chain combo.
    • Cody is the only character with an Alpha Counter and he still has his knife. He supposedly needs his knife to perform one of his Ultras.
    • Rufus can cancel-break the last hit of his Spectacle Romance, or the launch kick of Space Opera Symphony.
    • Guy has his Chain combos.
    • Makoto has her Tanden Renki Super from Third Strike.
    • Zangief is said to have a 720 degree motion Air Ultra called the Siberian Blizzard.
    • The game takes place one year after Street Fighter 4.
    • Dudley was searching for his car in Third Strike, in this game he's searching for a rose.
    • T. Hawk's storyline involves him protecting Juni or Juli.
    • Dhalsim's new Ultra is called the Yoga Shangri'la.
    • There's a new gameplay system called Tadan Saving, the phrase implies a multi-hitting or multiple-level Focus Attack.

The game will be released in Spring 2010 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

07 October 2009

Welcome to your Quarterlife Crisis

Here's an article I read recently that speaks of the quarterlife crisis. I certainly can relate as I'm sure many in my age range can.

Welcome to your Quarterlife Crisis

This phenomenon, known as the “Quarterlife Crisis,” is as ubiquitous as it is intangible. Unrelenting indecision, isolation, confusion and anxiety about working, relationships and direction is reported by people in their mid-twenties to early thirties who are usually urban, middle class and well-educated; those who should be able to capitalize on their youth, unparalleled freedom and free-for-all individuation. They can’t make any decisions, because they don’t know what they want, and they don’t know what they want because they don’t know who they are, and they don’t know who they are because they’re allowed to be anyone they want.

27 September 2009

The Parable of Ups and Downs

The Parable of Ups and Downs

What makes an Up an Up and a Down a Down is that an Up can do more to a Down than a Down can do to an Up. That's what keeps an Up up and a Down down. The Ups tend to talk to each other and study the Downs, asking the Downs about what's up—or what's coming down, for that matter. The Downs spend a lot of time taking the Ups out to lunch or to dinner to explain their Downness. The Ups listen attentively, often in amazement, about the experiences of being down. They contrast one Down's experience with another Down's experience and don't worry too much about what the Downs are up to because the Downs never get together. If they did, the Ups would have to shape up.

After a while, the Downs weary of talking to the Ups. They tire of explaining and justifying their Downness. They think, “If I have to explain my Downness one more time, I'll throw up.” And so they form a process which they call “networking and support groups.” This act makes the Ups nervous. Three Ups together is a board meeting; three Downs, pre-revolutionary activity. Some Ups hire Downs, dress them up, and send them down to see what the Downs are up to. We sometimes call this “personnel and affirmative action.” This creates a serious problem for the Down who is dressed up with no sure place to go. That Down doesn't know whether he or she is up or down. That's why Downs in the middle often burn out.

Sometimes what the Ups do to smarten up is to ask the Downs to come in to a program one at a time to explain their Downness. The Ups call this “human relations training.” Of course, the Ups never have to explain their Upness; that's why they're Ups rather than Downs.

There's good news and bad news in this parable. The good news is, we're all both Ups and Downs. There's no such thing as a perfect Up or a perfect Down. The bad news is that when we're up it often makes us stupid. We call that “dumb-upness.” It's not because Ups are not smart. It's that Ups don't have to pay attention to Downs the way Downs have to pay attention to Ups. Downs always have to figure out what Ups are up to. The only time Ups worry about Downs is when Downs get uppity, at which time they're put down by the Ups. The Ups’perception is that Downs are overly sensitive; they have an attitude problem. It is never understood that Ups are underly sensitive and have an attitude problem.

I used to think that when Downs became Ups they would carry over their insight from their Downess to their Upness. Not so: smart down—dumb up.


I find this parable helpful to gain insight in my work and life. Very rapidly we move into up and down categories and misunderstand each other. If Downs want to understand why an Up doesn't understand an issue, all they have to do is think of their own Up category and see why that issue is not understood. Downs know more about Ups than Ups know about Downs, yet we tend to come out of our Down category first to make sense out of our experience. The Up category is taken for granted and is rarely under review.

Who often has more insight about how the society functions, how organizations function, what's really going on? Frequently, it's Downs, not Ups. Ups are too busy trying to maintain the system rather than generate insight about what's really going on or how to change it. So our source of new insightful information comes from Downs, not from Ups. Yet it's Ups who are the ones whom we often call leaders.

Read more here (PDF)

Robert Terry directed the Reflective Leadership Center at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, and was the author of For Whites Only. He died in 2002.

(Courtesy of Stuff White People Do)

24 September 2009

Antigua 6

Have you heard? Antigua police are falsely holding 6 Black Americans after beating them. I heard about this story from my mom who heard it on the radio, but haven't seen too amny othe rplaces reporting on it. The Antigua Six are Rachel Henry, 27, Shoshannah Henry, 24, Dolores Lalanne, 25, Nancy Lalanne, 22, Joshua Jackson, 25, and Mike Pierre-Paul, 25. They were on a cruise that stopped in Antigua and then the trouble began. They are facing numerous charges and had an Antiguan court hearing at 2 PM yesterday in which the all pleaded not guilty.

There was a press conference held for the Antigua Six yesterday in New York, and this is the statement that was prepared by Dudley Brutus, a member of the Antigua Six's tourist group. (Courtesy of Transgriot)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On August 30, 2009, Martine Larochelle, Kirstie Mauze, Joshua Jackson, Nancy and Dolores Lalanne, Antoinette Lovelace, Rachel and Shoshannah Henry, Natacha Chicoye, Edwine and Dudley Brutus and Mike Pierre-Paul, embarked on an 8 day cruise on the Carnival Victory ship leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Throughout the week, we visited the following islands: St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts.

On Friday, September 4th, 2009, we docked on the island of Antigua, where the majority of the group wanted to go to the beach, while Shoshannah wanted to rent All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). As we disembarked from the ship, Martine was greeted by a van operator who agreed to take us to the beach and rent ATVs afterwards. Martine negotiated a flat fare of $50 for a trip to the locations, to which the driver agreed. Martine shared the agreement with the group, and we all walked with the driver towards his minibus, which was parked separately from the other taxi cabs. While in the minibus, we asked the driver permission to use his cell phone so we could inquire about the renting costs for the ATVs. He informed us that we would need to purchase a phone card to put minutes on his phone so we can use it. The driver took us to a store, where Martine, Kirstie and Joshua went in to buy the phone card.

While inside the store, Martine decided the price was too excessive for the phone card and decided not to purchase it. We then decided to just go to the beach.

The driver took us to the beach and agreed to return and pick us up within an hour. When the driver did not return at the agreed time, the group began to consider getting another driver. A few minutes after the hour, he returned and we decided to continue with his services because the driver had not yet received payment from us. We got back into the minibus, and Shoshannah asked the driver about the costs of renting ATVs again. He indicated that he was unaware of the price or its location, but would take the group back to the store to get the phone card to call and obtain the necessary information.

During the ride back from the beach, some of us entertained ourselves by playing games, singing and listening to our IPods. At some point, we noticed that we were driving towards the direction of the ship and not to the store to obtain the phone card. When we asked the driver what was happening, he told us that the trip has ended and the fare is $100 US. We argued that the price was not a $100 US but $50 US. In his response, he stated its $50 US going and $50 US coming. The driver re-stated that the price was $100 US and informed us that if we did not pay what he was demanding, he would take us to the police. We asked to be taken to the police that we had seen at the port earlier in the day to resolve the issue and the driver agreed. At that moment, he picked up his cell phone and made a call as he drove in a direction that appeared to be away from the boat. When the group inquired about where he was going, the driver informed us that the road was closed and as a result, he had to take another route.

The driver started to pull up to a gated area and we became fearful of the unfamiliar surroundings. As the driver approached the gate, it began to open and I jumped out of the minibus, and the rest of the group followed behind me. As the gate opened, a uniformed officer approached the minibus and exchanged words with the driver and then with Mike. The officer tried to grab Mike, who pulled away, and the officer said, “You are under arrest!” We were still largely unclear of our surroundings, and we were becoming increasingly fearful and confused. At this point, all we saw was a uniformed officer standing outside a gate in front of an unmarked building. We asked the officer, “Why is he under arrest? What did he do? What did he do?”

A man in a white polo shirt approached the group, punched Shoshannah in the face and hit Nancy (which was witnessed by Antoinette, Kirstie, Edwine and myself). Shoshannah then told the uniformed officer that she wanted to press charges on the man who punched her. The officer ignored her and continued to hold on to Mike. Then, several people in plain clothes came out of the gate and started attacking us. Shoshannah was being kicked by individuals in plain clothes as she was down on the ground. We were pushed inside the gates and Joshua was placed in a grappling hold from behind by a plain clothes male (witnessed by Edwine, Martine and myself).

Soon afterwards, Joshua was placed in a cell with Mike and a uniformed officer came to the cell, with his hand resting on his gun, and told them that if they moved, he would shoot them.

Meanwhile, Kirstie was being attacked by a plain clothes female with a red shirt and twists in her hair. Nancy ran to her defense, and then the same female began attacking Nancy. Another woman also in plain clothes came over to hit Nancy with a baton, but was advised by another person not to do so. Kirstie and Martine asked uniformed officers to intervene, but the requests were ignored, as the uniformed officer watched the scene unravel. Natacha witnessed Dolores get kicked, while Dolores was sitting on the floor crying. Antoinette and Rachel were on the floor by what looked like holding cells. Antoinette was helping Rachel calm down, who was having what appeared to be an anxiety attack at the time. I also tried to stop the fighting between the plain clothes women and Nancy, but I was pulled by the collar by a uniformed officer with a paddle in his hand. The officer then moved me off to the side and hit me in the stomach with the paddle. Antoinette, Martine and Natacha noticed our belongings on the ground and began retrieving all our property.

The police attacked us with no attempts to resolve the situation with the driver. We were in an unknown territory, trying to obtain assistance to resolve a dispute. Some of us were working at breaking up the squabble, but when attempts were made to do so, we had to protect ourselves from being punched, hit with paddles, pushed and kicked by “officers” who failed to identify themselves.

Martine, Kirstie, Natacha, Edwine, Rachel and I were released, but then two-three plain clothes individuals came running after us and demanded that Rachel return with them. Shoshannah was carried away to a different area on an upper level above the jail cells outside the main office. Shoshannah asked that her sisters, Antoinette and Rachel, accompany her, but the police officials states only one sister, Antoinette, can escort her. Inside the room, Antoinette and Shoshannah were met by Reverend Mark Azille, who instructed them to do as they were told by the officers.

There was a tall, burly, dark-skinned police officer who noticed the Reverend speaking to the women, and told the Reverend to leave the room, and then the officer demanded that Antoinette leave the room as well. Antoinette asked the officer for a reason, stating that she did not feel comfortable leaving her sister alone, but with no remorse she was commanded to leave.

Mike and Joshua were jailed while Nancy, Rachel and Dolores were behind a partition in a different holding area. Martine, Kirstie, Natacha, Edwin and I returned to the ship and met Antoinette there. We told the Carnival officials about what occurred. Carnival referred us to an individual named Kevin, who took us to Nathan Dundas, president of the travel tourism office on the island. He called us into his office and explained that the six individuals who were arrested would not be returning to the ship and advised us to retrieve the passports and personal belongings of the detained. Mr. Dundas helped us get the belongings to the group. Martine and I returned to the holding facility and left the detained with cash and debit cards. Joshua asked for a lawyer so Mr. Dundas reached out to Mr. Benjamin, a private lawyer, to represent the six in jail.

As it stands, the six of us 12 are on trial for battery and wounding of police officers, using indecent language and disorderly conduct. The six of us here are concerned about the injustice they are receiving, and we all feel victimized. Presently, we are seeking assistance from the U.S. government, media outlets and citizens of the Unites States of America to bring our friends and family members home.